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We have always had 2 Player Games that our visitor really loved playing, which is why right now we are tremendously happy we can present everyone with the game called Cube The Runners, which is an arcade game and running game which can easily be played in two players, with which we have had immense fun with, from start to finish, so what are the chances that you want as well, since usually the games we have a lot of fun with are also very well received by our fan-base. We will now explain how the game works, so we really recommend reading this to the end! Of course, start by choosing between the 1P and 2P modes. You can play in different stages: valley, desert, dungeon, and snowland. After that, each player chooses their avatar in the game. The role you have is to make your cube advance and avoid all obstacles, pits, traps, and other difficulties, because the first player to fall loses, and the one still going wins. What are you waiting for? Let the fun begin right now, only here, and don't stop, since we have many more games in store for you today, one more fun than the other, so it's really not worth missing them!


Use the mouse.


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