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We saw you got a taste for our new Two Players Games, which is why we are happy that right in this instant we can offer you all the game called Slide Warriors, a game with which our administrative team has had immense fun with, from start to finish, just like we are sure you will too, since it is a platform game in two players unlike anything you played here before, so why would you miss out on a new and interesting experience? We will now proceed to explain what you are supposed to do in the game, so make sure to read this fully before you begin, so you can give it your all! Start by choosing between the single player and two players mode. Both players are going to start by creating their teams, which they do by selecting three cards for the empty slots. Each card has a different class, such as Barbarian, Mage, and Healer. You will then have to use your cards and find the best strategy in order to defeat your opponent, using each of the cards different and interesting abilities. Good luck to both players, as we don't care who wins, as both of you have a brilliant time!


Use the mouse.


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