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The two main characters of Big Hero 6, Hiro and Baymax, form one of the best duo out there, and the two are true super heroes who are always on the job, trying to stop all kinds of evil masterminds from accomplishing their plans. Well, in this game, the two have found out about an evil scientist who plans to use some chemicals to destroy the world, so Baymax and Hiro have infiltrated his lab, and are going to stop him. Well, in this game, you and another player are going to take the role of Hiro and Baymax and try to stop the scientist and win the game, as you will play one of the best 2 player games out there. Now, first of all, you should know the controls: for Baymax you will use A and D to move, and W to jump, and for Hiro you will use the left and right arrow keys for movement, and the up arrow key for jumping. You will have to synchronize the movements of the two heroes and together reach the keys, so that you can use them to open the door and get to the next level. Also, you are going to collect the potions on the way, so you get extra points. Good luck to you all, and have fun!


Use the mouse.

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