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Surely you must be up for some new shooting games on our website, especially if they are the puzzle-type ones, as right now everyone is invited to check out the game called Gun Masters, a game with which our administrative team has had lots and lot of fun with, from beginning to end, which is why we knew that we could waste no time at all and that we had to share it with you immediately, so here it is! Now, in this following part of the article we also tell you what you do in it and how, so when you finish reading this, you will do just great at the game! The main skill you need to have in this game is accuracy, so that you shoot the enemies in your first try, because otherwise it is their turn next, and they will surely get you in one shot. The target will move up and down, and you tap on the screen at the moment you think is right, so that you hit your enemy, who will always be one level up. If you shoot him, you advance to that level, and then another enemy will be even higher up, for you to shoot. One miss, and you will be out, so try to be as accurate as possible all the time! Good luck, and a great time we wish for all!


Use the mouse.


Gun Masters Walkthrough

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