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Skipping Stones is a brand new game from the Knowledge Kids Games category, and this is another awesome game where all the three main characters of this series are featured, and we are talking about Luna, Chip, and Inkie, who decided to go by the river and do the skipping stones game that children all over the world also play in real life, which is without a doubt one of the most popular such games ever. You now get to do it in Canada, together with these characters, and we will now teach you how as well, so make sure to keep on reading! First, choose which of the three characters you want to be, and then choose the level of difficulty. Move your character using the right and left arrow keys, use the spacebar to throw the stones. Throw them so that they reach the other side, where they will land on the trees and form a certain word. There will be logs moving around in the water, so make sure to avoid them, because hitting them stop the stones in their path, and you will have to try again. Good luck, enjoy and don't leave since we want you to check out what other amazing game we have brought you here over the years, all of them amazing!


Use the arrows, spacebar.


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