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Boyfriend Spell Factory is without a doubt one of the most special and unique games for girls we currently have on our website, where we have no doubt at all you are going to have a great time from beginning to end, because the same thing can be said of our own experience with the game, which was the reason why we brought this game over for you in the first place! What is this game about? Well, you are going to be a girl, and a witch at the same time, trying to create boyfriends using potions, and there will be 12 types of boyfriends you will have to create in order to complete the game. How do you make the potions? Well, next to the girl, on the shelves, you are going to find things like a gamepad, an apple, a book, a football, a phone, and others. You pick a few to put into the potion, and depending on the combination, a certain kind of boyfriend is going to be created. Mix and match items in the pot until you have found all twelve boyfriend candidates for our girl! Start right now, enjoy, and don't miss out on other great games we have brought here today for you since they are amazing!


Use the mouse.


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