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Even if Sofia is now a princess, she wasn't always one, as she was born a commoner, and her grandmother, despite the fact that her daughter is now a queen and her grand-daughter is a princess, she decided to keep living at her farm, where she keeps doing her job every day. Well, since Sofia is on school break, she decided to spend some time at grandma's farm, where she wants to help her with as many chores as possible, just like she did when she was just a little girl. Since we realize that most of you are not farmers, and you are not used to playing farm games like this one, let us explain how the game works right now, so that you can then begin playing it with no worries at all. You will have 8 things to do at the farm, before the 5 minutes granted for that run out. They include getting carrots from a maze, washing the car at the farm, sorting the hay, and many other interesting things. When you see grandma come up on the screen, don't do any of those, since Sofia was supposed to be dusting the propriety, because if you are caught, you will lose the game right there. Let the fun begin right now!


Use the mouse.

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