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Ready for a new Uncle Grandpa Game? I hope so because I'm gonna take you in a new universe where our friend from Cartoon Network it's Santa! Yes, Uncle Grandpa it's now Secret Santa and he must to do a good job because everybody count on it. You know how we reached in this place? It's a funny story, Santa was just packing for kids a lot of toys but a big present just drop down and broke Santa's leg so he can't go and deliver all the presents, and it's Christmas. But, our luck it's that Uncle Grandpa, Gus and Steve are there for him and after calculating how much milk and cookies are in the game they decide that are in, so buckle up because this will be a very funny Christmas! In Sneakin Santa, Uncle Grandpa have to deliver the presents but for this he must be very quiet because he and us don't want to wake up all the kids that are sleeping, so we must to be fast and very noiceless. You have to deliver more that 10 presents in different houses and elude all the objects that are in your way. Make this posibble for all the kids and deliver all the presents from the Sneakin Santa game!


Move with Uncle Grandpa using the arrows.

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