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If you want to play the best new Minecraft Games online on the internet, being on our website is always a great idea, and for that reason, we now want to invite everyone to check out the game called Mine Rusher 2, which is going to be a fresh and awesome new experience that we highly recommend to you all, as we have just had a really great time with the game ourselves, which is how we knew it needed to be brought over as soon as possible! We will now tell you what to do in the game, so make sure to read this to the end before you begin! The Minecraft character is going to advance automatically, and you have to click in order to make him change direction or to jump. Make sure to avoid the bad objects in your ways, such as monsters, traps, and spikes, and make sure not to fall out of the road. Instead, try to collect the boxes and the coins on the road, because you get points in return for them, and we are positive that everyone wants a really big score, isn't that right? Good luck, enjoy, and don't leave, because this is going to be a day filled with one great game after the other!


Use the mouse.


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zhixu307 18.06.2019 00:49

it has have so much bugs, which is you can walk in the air

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