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Get yourself ready to start the day off with one of the best new skill games online our website has ever had, the game called Amazing Cube Adventure, which we really wanted you to check out and have fun with, which is why it was the first game added on our website for the day, and we are sure that for days to come, it will be continuously played by children all over the world. Let us use this following part of the article so that you learn all you need to know about how the game works, and then give it your very best! There will be a total of five worlds you will be able to have a lot of fun in, with multiple levels in each, such as the ten from the first world. The cube moves forward, and when you click on the screen you are going to make it jump. You have to do so in order to avoid all the spikes and other traps in your path so that you finish each of the levels. Getting 100 percent of the track in each level is what your goal should be, and the better you do it, the more stars you get at the end. Good luck, and have fun like only here is possible, where even more great games are on their way right now!


Use the mouse.


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