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It is not every day that you find on the internet a combination of zombie games, educational games, and maths games, which is why we are very excited that right now everyone gets the opportunity of having fun with the game called Cowboy Zombie Math, a game that our administrative team has enjoyed from beginning to end, and at the end of which we also learned a lot of things, so sharing it with you all for free right now was definitely the right call to make. worry not, since this next part of the article teaches you all you need to know about how it works. Begin with the easy level of difficulty, and keep on winning until you reach the hardest one. Math questions appear on the screen, and you have a limited time to answer them, and you answer them by clicking on one of the available answers, simple as that. If you get it right, you get more time, and you have to keep going as long as possible until you have reached the final level, simple as that. Good luck, stick around, and leave nowhere, since the day is not done, and you don't want to miss out on the great games we have in store for you here for free!


Use the mouse.


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