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Catch the Dots is a highly recommended team created by our friends over at ZUZU Games, where you have the chance of playing a skill game unlike you get to every day, and precisely for that reason we knew that sharing it with you all today was the right call to make, and just like similar previous games we have had here, we are sure that this one is going to be enjoyed a lot too. Want to know more about it? Then reading this next part of the article to the end is everything that you need to do, so make sure to pay attention! You will have two dots in a circle, in the middle, which are rolling around. One is black, and one is orange. Black and orange dots will be coming from the top and bottom of the screen, and you have to catch the black ones in the black dot and make it bigger, and the same you do for the orange ones. If you catch the dots with the wrong color, you lose. Instead, the more you catch it right, the more points you get, and we are sure you want a big score, no? Good luck, enjoy, and stick around for even more great games to play, like only here can you find!


Use the mouse.


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