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We've always loved bringing our visitors new and fun Monster Truck Games to play, especially if they are also high-quality games, and for that reason we now want to introduce you all to the game called Hard Wheels, the newest such game that our administrative team is very happy to have shared with everyone, and which there is no way at all you are not going to enjoy a lot, since we have had fun with it from start to finish, so you are guaranteed to as well! Are you up for driving a monster truck in some really hard environments? Then learn how to do it from this article, and then give it a go! Using the arrow keys you are going to drive and balance the monster truck, and with it, you have to reach the end of each track without falling or crashing the truck, simple as that. There is no timer, there is nothing to collect, only focus on reaching the end safely, because the track is filled with obstacles, bumps, and other things you have to overcome, so give it your best to drive carefully, or don't, it's up to you! We wish you all a great time here, right now!


Use the arrows.


Hard Wheels Walkthrough

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