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Well, we hope that you didn't think that we were done adding new Rusty Rivets Games for all of you today, because righr now we have the pleasure of presenting you the game called Penguin Problem, which is the most recent game that we have to offer you in this category, a category which we expect that in short time is going to grow even bigger, and a lot of great new games will be made available here. You will love this game, especially if you like penguins, which are a feature of this game, and the source of Rusty's problems. What are they? Well, find out what they are and how you can help him solve them from these next lines in the description. A bunch of penguins were delived by mistake to the salvage yard where Rusty spends his days, so he now wants you to help catch them and send them back where they belong. First, you will have to select if you want to be Rusty or Ruby. You will have 10 penguins which need capturing, and you need to know how to do that. You will run after them, and with the up arrow key you are going to jump over obstacles or on platforms, and with the down arrow key you are going to duck and slide under other kinds of obstacles. Catch all the penguin like that, and have a great and fun time, only here, by playing this great game!


Use the arrow keys.

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