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Jelly's World is the name of a brand new arcade game we are very happy to have brought you all here for free today, a game that there is no doubt at all in our minds that you are going to enjoy a lot, since the same can be said of our own experience with it, which is what convinced us that this game had to be added right here and now on our website, and all of you are going to enjoy it a lot. Now, since the title does not give away only the fact that the game features jellies, allow us to explain what your role will be here, after which you should have no difficulties with the game at all! The jelly is going to move around the tiny globe, and he is going to eat other jellies. When you are pink, you will eat the pink jellies, but you need to change colors as well when jellies of different colors appear because you can only eat them if you are of the same color as them. To change colors, click and hold the left mouse button, simple as that. Release it to go to the other color. The more you eat and keep going, the bigger your score becomes, and we have no doubt at all you want a big score, right? Good luck, enjoy, and stick around if you want even more great games to play since this is the best place for it!


Use the mouse.


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