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A royal family from a neighouring kingdom has come to visit Sofia's parents, and together with the Queen and King, also came a little prince, also of Sofia's age, and the two have fallen in love as soon as they layed eyes one upon the other. Well, just like any two people in love, the two want to kiss, but they do not want to be seen by their parents or by other people from the castle, so that is why in this game you will have to help them kiss without beeing seen. You might have played this kind of kissing games before, as they are really popular, but if you didn't, have no worries, because we are now going to explain the way the game works. You have to click and hold to make the two characters kiss, but once you see an exclamation mark on the screen, you have to stop, because if you continue, you are going to lose the game. With the kissing, you have to fill up the bar on top of the game screen and earn points, before the time in each level runs out. When you are not kissing, the bar will decrease, so you have to pay attention all the time. We wish you all good luck, and hope you have a great time playing this game!


Use the mouse.

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