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We love bringing our visitors new and fun Minecraft Games, and it is for that very reason that we are starting this day off with such a game, when each and every one of you now gets the opportunity of having fun with the game called DoomCraft, a game that has combined the classic action and shooting game called Doom, with the Minecraft world, resulting in an exciting and fun experience that we highly recommend to you all, just like we recommend all the games of the day. We will now explain what you have to do, don't worry, so you will be able to give the game your best all the way through! You are going to use the arrow keys to move around the maze, and with the spacebar, you are going to shoot. Use the v key to change the weapons, as you have multiple of them available. Go around, kill all the creepers without letting them lay a hand on you, and collect weapons or any other power-ups you might find which can be helpful. Good luck, enjoy this great game, and don't stop here, since the day has only begun, meaning that more new and fun games are coming for you here today, all of which we recommend!


Use the arrows, spacebar, V key.


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sherif 03.08.2019 16:57

Good Game

aymankawa 03.07.2019 12:01

great shooten and creepers but the creepers are stopid

manny 05.06.2019 18:25


OMAR 03.06.2019 11:21


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