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Zombie Mission 2 is one of the best new two players games with zombies that our administrative team is very happy to have brought over for you all to enjoy right now, and we are sure that the game is going to be a hit with everyone, as we have had a great time with the first game as well, and we have seen that our visitors played it a lot of times also, so what are the chances the game will not be successful? Well, slim, that we are sure of. Now, let's teach you what to do in the game and how, then, shall we? The two players will need to work together in controlling their avatars so that you collect all of the archives in each level, as well as rescue all of the survivors from the zombies. Along your way, watch out for the enemies as well as the traps or obstacles you might encounter. Player 1 uses w, a, s, d keys to move, f to shoot, q to switch weapons, while Player 2 will use the arrows to move, l for shooting, and u to switch weapons. Good luck, and if you have not played the first game after you are done with this one you should definitely give it a try!


P1: w, a, s, d, f, and q. P2: arrows, l, and u.


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