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One of the latest categories that we have created for all of you on our website and which's first game you will have the chance to play right this moment is the Sly Cooper Games category, which is based not on the playstation video game series, but rather of it's animation film adaption that is set to be released sometimes in 2016, and which we are eagerly awaiting. Well, we thought that other people must be waiting for this animation, and these children will want to play some online Sly Cooper Games afterwards, so we have created the category, and we have also created an original game based on it, entitled Sly Cooper Puzzle Mania, about which we are going to tell you more things in this next part of the description! The first puzzle will only have four pieces, but the next one will have more, and the third and final one even more pieces. Don't worry, as they are all rectangular, and it is very easy to place them. Click and hold on a piece, and then move it over the transparent image in the center of the screen where it belongs, until the picture is complete, and you can press next to advance to the next level. That's it, so good luck and god speed!


Use the mouse.

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