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We know for sure that our visitors are up for more new and interesting Nickelodeon Games that can reunite different and several categories from our website, which is the reason why right now you are all invited to have the best possible time with the game called Cliff Hangup, from the Nickelodeon Winter Games edition, where you get to play together with SpongeBob, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Sanjay and Craig characters, all in a game unlike you've seen here before. We will now explain what it is you have to do, after which playing the game will be a piece of cake! With the four arrow keys, you are going to help the characters climb the snowy mountain. You need to help the climbers avoid getting hit by the snowballs falling down upon you, climb around ledges, but also grab the coins for extra points and the clocks for extra time. How far can you climb before the time goes out on you? Try this game right now, find out, and we are sure you will enjoy the experience a lot, like we know for sure you enjoy all the games we bring you here day by day!


Use the arrows.


Cliff Hangup Walkthrough

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