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We know very well that visitors of our website really love playing Scooby-Doo Games, which is the reason why right here and now we are sharing with everyone the game called Scooby-Doo Birthday Boo Bash, a brand new game featuring these characters which is also unlike any others we have brought you here before, so we have no doubt at all that you are in for a treat, a new and interesting experience that we are very happy we get to provide it to you. Now, in this following part of the article you learn what to do to win the game, so make sure you read it fully! Through the mazes, you are going to move the dog using the arrow keys, and you are going to give it your all to avoid the ghosts and other treats along the way, as well as avoid falling into the pits since you have limited lives. Also, collect as many snacks as you can, increasing your score, and then make sure to get the keys to unlock doors. You are on a quest to go through the locations and ultimately find the birthday cake, which is the ultimate prize you need to get to. Good luck, and enjoy, everyone!


Use the arrows.


Scooby-Doo Birthday Boo Bash Walkthrough

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