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Welcome to www.friv-games-today.com, the home of all the most wonderful PJ Masks Games on the internet, and since we know how much you love playing these games, we have now created a brand new game to add in this category, a game which is called PJ Masks Character Quiz, and which we recommend to everyone, as we do with all the original games that we create, as they are all great fun! Well, PJ Masks Character Quiz is a game which will test your knowledge of this great Disney Junior show, and we are now going to explain how it works, so pay attention if you want to do a very good job at it. You are going to see multiple images with characters from this show, and from the right of the images, you will have to select the name of that character that is depicted. Whether you get it right or not, you advance to the next question, but, if you are wrong, you will not get points, and at the end of the game you are going to find out how many points you managed to score! As you can see, the game is easy, fun, and if you are a fan of the show, you will definitely do a very good job, so start playing right now, only on www.friv-games-today.com!


Use the mouse.

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Oliver 20.11.2016 17:59

This is awesome. Cool.

James Michael Arnold 04.11.2016 02:39

I want to play this game right now

Jacob 08.10.2016 20:44

It is good

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