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We've got no doubts in our mind that our visitors right now are up for playing new and interesting 2 Player Games online, which is why right now our administrative team has invited you all to check out and have fun with the game called Mace of Janissary, one of the best such action games online we have brought here in a long time, so we hope that you are ready for fun like you've never had before! If you want to learn more about the game's format before you start, don't hesitate to read this fully! Both players will have their characters swinging their maces, and when you press and hold the w key and up arrow key, you are charing the throw. The longer you hold the buttons, the more distance you are going to make. Your goal, obviously, is to hit your opponent with the mace, with the first player to land five hits becoming the winner, simple as that. If you hit the different power-ups in the air, they will certainly be useful, so try aiming for them when they appear. Good luck to both players, and don't stop here, since the day has only begun, meaning more great games are coming for you right now!


Use the up arrow key and w key.


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