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There is no better way for us to start off a day than with new and interesting skill games to offer you here to play for free, especially when we are talking about games of a great quality just like it is the case right now, when all of you are invited to have the best possible time with the game called Stickyman Run, a game that we can say we have really enjoyed, from start to finish, so you are in for a treat. Care to learn how it works before you start it? Then only reading this article to the end will help you know what you have to do! The blob is going to move forward by itself, and when you click on the screen it goes from up to down or from down to up, depending on the situation. You have to do so in order to avoid all of the obstacles that come in your way because hitting them means stopping and having to start all over again. The more you advance, the bigger your score becomes, and you can also collect diamonds to add to another score and make that big as well. Good luck to everyone, and make sure that you are here all day long since plenty of great new games are going to be provided to you!


Use the mouse.


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