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Our team here at is very happy when it brings you great new categories and great new game for all of you to play, so you must be even happier when you discover these great new games, games like this one, called Mech-X4 Puzzle, which is the first game belonging to the Mech-X4 Games category, and the most recent original game that we have created for our website and which we truly recommend to every last one of you! Mech-X4 is a show featuring three boys who have to work as a team to pilot a giant robot in ordet to defend their town from the creatures attacking it, and by playing this puzzle you will see some great images of the show. Curious how the game works? Find out right now! You only need to use the mouse in order to pick up each piece, and put it over the transparent image on the center of the game screen, until the image is completed. While the first puzzle of the three only has four pieces, that number is going to get bigger in the second level, and even bigger by the third. Easy-peasy, right? Well, wait no more, and start playing the game right now, and let the fun begin!


Use the mouse.

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Keslin joanne 2006 16.11.2016 01:47

Mech x4

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