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Yes, we have more Frozen Games to share with everyone here today for free, which is why right now we're sharing with everyone the game called Pregnant Princess Laundry Day, one of the best clothes washing games that this website has had up until this point, and a game that we really hope none of you will be missing out on, since we can guarantee that you will be having an incredible time helping Anna from Disney's Frozen do her laundry, something she has not done before, as she is a princess. Let's see how you can help, so that you can start having fun with the game right away! To begin with, you are going to take the clothes and separate them into two piles, one for white clothing, and one for colored clothing, since they can't be mixed up when you wash them. Then, follow on-screen instructions and click where you are shown by the hands in order to put the correct lotions and products into the machine, have the clothes washed, after which you take them out, put them to dry, and finally iron them and fold them back into the wardrobe. It is as simple as that, so good luck, and have fun like only here you get to!


Use the mouse.


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