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It is always a great idea to have new and interesting 2 Player zombie games online on our website, especially if such games belong to an already established and popular series, just like it is the case with Zombie Mission Games, for which we have a third game to share with you all right here and now, where we are positive you are going to continue having fun killing zombies together with one of your friends, working together to survive and complete the mission. Allow us to use this article to explain what you have to do because you should be able to handle the game with ease after reading all this! Together you have to rescue all the survivors, as well as collect the archives along the way, and kill all the zombies you encounter so that they do not eat you first. Player 1 moves with w, a, s, d, shoots with f, switches weapons with q, while for the same things Player 2 will be using the arrow keys, l key, and u key. Good luck to everyone, and when you're done here, more awesome games are on their way for you right now, so make sure to stick around and play them as soon as they appear, you will love the experience of each of them!


P1: w, a, s, d, f, and q. P2: arrows, U and L.


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