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Today on our website our visitors will get the chance to enjoy not one, but multiple new games we have added over to the Cloud Games category of our website, a page that is getting better and better with each new game we bring you into it, and we thought we would start this series off with one of the most action-packed ones of the bunch, a game that is entitled Galaxy Warriors, where you are going into space to fight with your spaceship unlike you have done before. Up next in this article we teach you all about how the game works, so reading this to the end will help you a bunch, trust us! There are waves of enemy ships in front of you, and you have to shoot them all down without letting them do the same to you first. Your ship automatically fires, so what you have to do is move it left and right by swiping with the mouse into those directions. After ships get defeated they drop coins and power-ups, so do not hesitate to grab them, because they help you increase your score, as well as make you more powerful against other new waves coming at you. Good luck to everyone, and don't stop here, since we're sure you want to have even more fun, no?


Use the mouse.


Galaxy Warriors Walkthrough

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