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We know that kids all over the world love to play platform-adventure games online, and for that reason we now wanted to share with them all a game such as Forest Range Adventure, a game that our entire administrative team loved playing a great deal, and if that is the case, what are the chances that the same thing won't be true of your own experience with it? We're sure it will, as you go and travel the forest and deal with all of the threats that you encounter there. Don't worry, as this following part of the article teaches you what to do and how in order to play the game with ease! There are going to be six levels in total. You move, jump, and dash using the arrow keys, K for the sword, and L to shoot. You have to advance through the forest while defeating all of the creatures you encounter, avoid traps and obstacles, but at the same time, collect as many coins and gems as you can, in order to increase your score a great deal by the time you reach the end of each course. Good luck to all, and when you're done here, make sure to stick around and try out more of our content, we're sure you will love it greatly!


Use the arrows, K and L keys.


Forest Range Adventure Walkthrough

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