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We always want to make sure that new skill games are being brought over to you all, so right now we are very happy that we can share with you a game such as Banana Copter Swing, a flappy bird-like clicking game where we have no doubt at all each and every one of you will be having a great time, since the same can definitely be said of our own experience with the game, because if that had not been the case we would not have shared it with you in the first place. Of course, we will now proceed to explain what you have to do, after which you should be able to play the game with no problems at all. The helicopter swings to the right and to the left, and you have to click in order for it to change direction, giving it your best so that you do not hit any of the obstacles and things that are around because if you hit them you lose. You can't let that happen, since your goal should be to get as high as possible, and the more you go in the air, the bigger your score becomes. Good luck, and if you are up for it, why don't you check the game out right now, and maybe later try out even more of our new content of the day!


Use the mouse.


Banana Copter Swing Walkthrough

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