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It's time you go on another really great adventure with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of Nickelodeon, as it is in their category that we have now added the really great game called Collect and Conquer, which we recommend to everyone, and which we hope that is going to be played by a great number of children! If you love games that involve running, robots, collecting objects and being constantly on the move, then this one is definitely going to be to your liking. But first, before you start the game, learn how to play it from the next part of this description! You will first have to choose one of the four turltes to play it, and then you will choose one of the three levels, but in the beginning, only two are available. In each level you will have to collect a certain number of mutagen viles, to conquer, or defeat, if you want, a certain number of robots that stand in your way, and you need to do it before the time granted to you runs out. You will control your character with the arrow keys for movement, and with space to attack. Catch the bonus items on the way, to gain an advantage. Good luck to you all!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.

Collect and Conquer Walkthrough

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