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One of the most persistent enemy that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have in the show and in the movies also are the members of the Foot Clan, which is a clan of ninjas which is only bent on destroying the world, and causing all sorts of mischief behind the scenes. The ninja turtles often times take on these villains, and this time, you will get the chance to help the turtles with their fight, and that is only if you are going to play this great game, called Foot Clan Clash. Now, before you actually start, learn how to play the game from this description, and you will do a better job, for sure. You will start by selecting the ninja turtle that you want to be. In each level you have to go around a certain place, and defeat a certain number of members of the clan. You are going to move using the arrow keys, and you will attack with the space bar. You have a health bar in the left top corner, so wathc out that it does not get to 0, because you will then lose the game. What are you waiting for? Start kicking some foot clan ass right now, and have a great time with this game, only on!


Use the mouse.

Foot Clan Clash Walkthrough

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