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We're glad to say that we are not just the first website to have created the 44 Cats Games category, but we are also the first website to have shared with you right now the game called 44 Cats Flip and Match, a memory game that we're sure each and every one of you will be enjoying a great deal from start to finish, since you might have played memory games with cards here before, but we can be guaranteed from experience that they are not as cool as this one. If this made you curious, read this article to the end, where you learn what you have to do and how, and then give the game everything you have best. Instead of searching for pairs of cards that are identical, you are looking for a character and the letter with which their name starts. Flip two cards at a time, and if their name and letter match with one another, the two cards get eliminated, and once you have eliminated them all, you will have won the level. Of course, the next level gives you more cards to match, and so forth, until you have won the game. Good luck, and when you're done here, make sure to invite friends to check out this awesome new game right away!


Use the mouse.


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Megan 26.08.2019 21:44

I love 44 cats

Megan 26.08.2019 21:43

I love 44 cats

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