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We've always loved bringing you new tower building games, which is the reason we are very happy that right at this moment we have shared with everyone a game such as Sky Castle, which is that kind of game, one of the best quality, and one that you can also play on mobile devices if you wish to, so no matter where you are at this moment, you can have a really great time playing it, which is what we hope is going to be the case. For those of you who are not familiar with how these games work, worry not, since this following part of the article teaches you everything you need to know. Your goal is to build a castle as big as possible using the structures that come onto the screen from the left and from the right, and when you want them to stop, you simply tap and they stop. The better the structures are placed one on top of the other, the more points you get in return, and this is what you should be after because you can't drop a piece or you lose the game, and the better your tower is, the more points you get. The pieces get smaller as you advance, making it more difficult but more exciting at the same time. Good luck and have fun like only here is possible!


Use the mouse.


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