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Surviving in the Woods is one of the most interesting 3d adventure games online we have had on our website up until this point, which is why we were very eager to share it with you all right now for free, and we have no doubt at all that you are in for a fresh and interesting experience like only on ou website you could have, since we are always looking for new and interesting content to offer each and every one of you. From this article, you will be learning what to do and how, after which we invite you to let the fun begin at once like only here you can have it! You move using the w, a, s, d keys, you use space to jump, shift to run, E to pick up items, R to drop them, the mouse button to interact. Just like the title says, your goal in this game is to survive life in the woods, using the trees, animals, plants, and anything that might be useful that you can find there and use to your advantage. You now know how to navigate the woods and this world, so try to survive there for as long as possible in this simulation game that is unlike anything you've played here before! Enjoy!


Use the w, a, s, d keys, spacebar, E, R, shift keys, mouse.


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