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We know that airplane games are games that our visitors are very interested in, which is why whenever we can offer them new and interesting content in this category, we make sure to do so, which is what is happening right now and here, where all of you will be getting the chance to play a great game such as Flight Sim, which we are very happy to say we have enjoyed from beginning to end, just like we expect you to do as well. We will now proceed to teach you more about the game itself, which should make it easy for you to give it a go. Well, your goal in each level is to make sure that the airplane you are controlling safely gets to the ground on the landing pad. To accomplish that goal you will be using the mouse to draw lines, lines that represent the path that the airplane needs to take, and you have to make it appropriate so that you don't crash the plane at any time. Good luck to all, and when you're done here, don't forget that there are more great games that have been added here today for you, and all of them we're sure you will enjoy a bunch!


Use the mouse.


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