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It is not every day that on our website you get to find and play combinations of strategy games with shooting games that also have aliens in them, so you can count on us being very excited that right now we got the chance of sharing with everyone here a game such as Galactic Missile Defense, a game that is of a high-quality, can be played on mobile devices as well, and which we recommend to every one, since it is guaranteed to bring you joy. We will now proceed to teach you all about it so that when you start playing it you are ready to give it your best from the get-go! You have three bases with rockets in them that you have to defend from the aliens because if all of them get taken down, you lose. To protect yourselves, use the mouse to shoot up the aliens as they approach you. As you progress and succeed in protecting your base, use the money that you earn to upgrade your defenses and get better weapons, using them to your full advantage for each new wave of enemies. Enjoy, and don't stop here, since we really hope that you check out any and all of the other games added here today for free!


Use the mouse.


Galactic Missile Defense Walkthrough

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