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Get yourself ready for a very thrilling and fun game from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Games category, a game that is called Dark Horizons, which we recommend to everyone, but especially to boys who really enjoy playing fun action games! In all the games in this category, the ones that focus and action and fighting are definitely the most enjoyable ones, as this one is, where the ninja turtles have to face all the dark creatures and enemies in the city they protect, in order to help those living in the light of day! Now, want to see how you can do that? Learn how to play the game right now, from the following lines in the description! First of all, you will start with the The Sewers level, but you have three more afterwards. Select one of the four ninja turtles. Well, you are going to control your character's movement using the arrow keys, and you will attack with the space bar. There are other combination of keys, but they are all going to be shown to you in the first level of the game. The point is, you need to fight all kinds of creatures and enemies, reach the end of the level, and get all sort of bonuses, weapon and items, which are going to be helpful while fighting the bad guys down the road. Good luck, you will need it!


Use the mouse.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dark Horizons Walkthrough

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