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Giant Rabbit Run is a new and terrific running and jumping game/obstacle course game online that we as an administrative team are very happy to have added right now for you all free of charge, since we have no doubt at all in our minds that you are going to love playing this game a great deal, from start to finish, because that is why we wanted to add it here for you in the first place, so now you can have the same great experience as we have had. For those curious on how such a game works, this following part of the article will provide you with all of the details you might want to know. You use the left and right arrows to change direction, you press the up one to jump, the down one to slide. You have to use these keys to avoid all of the obstacles that are going to come up in your path, but at the same time make sure to try and collect as many carrots as possible and increase your score, and if you can find power-ups and use them to your advantage, don't stray away from that. Good luck to you, and stick around, as the day has only now started, meaning that there are more great games coming for you right now!


Use the mouse.


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