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Ultimatrix Unleashed is one of the best games from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien games because here we will have 3 aliens that we can play with and all of them can be upgrade to their final form! So, here you will start with Spidermonkey that is a very quickly fighter that have a straight punch and he can jump and hit very hard with the legs. When you have enough points you can transform Spidermonkey into Ultimate Spidermonkey, a very powerful gorilla that can beat everyone! For a time you will be able to play just with Spidermonkey because you will not have enough points and mana to transform into Swampfire or Humungousaur, but after a time, after you will fight and win some battles you will be able to transform into them. We don't know why but all the army are for Ben 10 and try to catch him very fast, but we will not let them to take Ben 10 without a great fight like heroes does! We hope that you will love the Ultimatrix Unleashed game where you can se the Ben 10 from Ultimate Alien!


Play Ultimatrix Unleashed using the arrows, Z,X to fight, C to change your transformation and SPACE to evolve.

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