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Well, we hope that you enjoy the new action games that we are offering you right now in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Games category on our website, because right at this moment we have added a brand new game to it, a game that is called Ninja Turtle Tactics 3D, which we invite everyone to play, especially boys who love action and fighting! Also, the game is a 3d one, which is obvious from the title, meaning that you have all the reasons why you should definitely check out this game! Of course, have no worries, as we are going to explain how it works in this next part of the description, which we invite you to read very carefully! First, you will select which one of the four turtles you want to be, and select a power-up to assist you during the game, and the one you selected is going to appear in each level. In each wave, you will have to fight more and more ninja turtles, and defeat them to get to the next area. Get the bonuses and make sure you also collect mutagen, which helps you use all sorts of powers. You are going to control your turtle using the arrow keys for movement, space bar to jump, and attack using the Z and X keys. Have fun!


Use the arrow keys, space bar, Z and X keys.

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