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Trust us when we say that it is not every day you get to find and play skill games like King Way, the newest game we've just brought over for you all to enjoy here free of charge and have a great time with, something we can guarantee to you all from our own awesome time playing the game, because that was why we've made sure to share it with you as quickly as we got the chance to. For those wanting to learn how this game before they start it, which is understandable, you only need to read this article to the end, have no worries at all! You have a knight attached to a balloon which you need to help fly without hitting any of the spikes, moving or not, and help him reach the door at the end of each level in order to pass to the next. Along the way, try to collect all of the diamonds in the air too, so that you score points. If the balloon pops, you start all over again. Use the mouse to move the fan and make it so that you control the knight in the air, simple as that. We wish you all a great time, and when you're done here, we hope that we see more of you, since the day has plenty more to offer!


Use the mouse.


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