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Moto X3M Games online have always been some of the most amazing motorcycle riding games online you could find and play, and some of the moto games with the highest-quality, which is why right now we’re happy to share with you Moto X3M Spooky Land. Because there’s not many Halloween bike games out there, we have a feeling that this one will be up your alley, since the holiday is coming up, so why would you not want to ride a bike through one fun level after another? There are multilple levels to the game, with each new one being longer and more difficult than the previous one, meaning that you have to be more careful the more you advance. Your main goal is to take your bike to the end of each course without crashing it, or falling down into the pits between the different parts of the roads, and if you can do it fast, even better, since you’re being timed each level. The arrow keys are used for driving and balancing the bike, and every time you reach a green light you have reached a checkpoint from where you start again if you’ve crashed. The TNT along the path will make you jump up high, after which you should try to perform some stunts for extra credit. Avoid any machinations that are meant to make you crash, storming through them unharmed if possible. The better you perform in a level, the more stars you get, as you can get from one to three of them. You only have three tries to finish a level, after which you need to start all over again, and remember, this is Halloween, so the tracks themselves become monsters that want to stop you in your path! Good luck, and we hope you clear all the levels and have the ultimate moto experience!


Use the arrows.


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