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Lemmings Launch is our website’s newest addition over to the Grizzy and the Lemmings Games category, this wonderful new page of Boomerang Games where we’ve added a lot of cool games with this animals, so we’re sure you will love this one a lot also, considering that it’s a catapult shooting game of a high-quality! If you like playing angry birds games, or games that have been inspired by them and have a similar format, then this combination of puzzle gamse with skill games is going to be one of the best arcade games you play here today, and the fact that it also features characters that you love from a popular show can only make you more happy, right? There will be a total of ten levels to go through, and in each of them you will have a more difficult puzzle as you advance. The goal that you have is to wake up Grizzy, which is why the slingshot is used to shoot the lemmings, with which you hit the structures, having to make it so that all the noisy items fall to the ground and make noise, because you then clear the level. You use the mouse to draw the lemmings back on the sling, and move them up and down to set the angle. When you’re ready to shoot them,r release the left mouse button. Remember that in each level of the game you have a limited number of lemmings to send up flying, and the less of them you use to finish a level, the more extra points you get in return. Getting a score as big as possible is what you should be after in each level, and the more destruction you cause, the better. Each noisy item offers you a different amount of poinst, remember that as well! Also, depending on your performance in each level you get from one to three stars, and if you did not get three in a level, you can always try again and try harder! In the end, we can only wish you good luck with all this, and we invite you to check out more of our other games with Grizzy as well!


Use the mouse.


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