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Sandwich Tower is the name of one of the best sandwich-making games online that are combined with stacking games online, and the main reason that it is one of the best such skill games you get to find and enjoy right now for free here is because it belongs to the Be Cool Scooby-Doo, with Scooby being the chef that needs your help in creating the sandwich with the filling ingredients. Don’t worry, since we will be guiding you on how tower building games like this one works right now, making your experience a great one, and there will be no mystery on what to do. Each member of the Mystery Gang is going to have an order for you, meaning they show you the ingredients they want to be added to their sandwich, as well as the number of times they need it in it. Of course, they will be put between two buns of bread. Of course, you can grab extra ingredients as well, but make sure to avoid those that the characters tell you they don’t need since they will make you lose points. Depending on how well you do in building the sandwiches at each level you get from one to three stars, and we really hope it is always going to be three. To move Scooby-Doo to the left and right to grab the ingredients on the plate, use the corresponding arrow keys, of course. Skill and concentration are required, but we’re sure you have them, and you will be doing just great. You need to improve your skills the more you progress because for each level and new character the orders get bigger, as well as more complicated, so you need to step up your game. It is always a fun time, so start right now and enjoy it!


Use the arrows.


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