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We've always had amazing boxing games online added to our already fantastic category of Fighting Games, where all boys, but girls also, are invited right now to check out the game called Boxing Hero Punch Champions, an exciting box game online where we've had one awesome battle after another, becoming a boxing champion of the world, something that you will be able to become as well if you give this game a chance! To become a champion you need to fight all over the world, which is why you take part in eight fights, each one with a different fighter from a new part of the world, such as the sumo fighter you take on in Japan, in the first boxing match of the game. Brazil, India, the U.S, and other places are to follow, each new fight becoming progressively harder than the last, but you will also be more prepared and a better fighter as you advance! Each match takes three minutes, and if you can't knock out the enemy, by depleting their health bar, and they can't do the same to you, you will find out who the winner is from the judges, using the points system. You move left and right using the s and d keys, the E key puts your guard up to defend from enemy punches, you use J to throw jabs, K for uppercuts, and when you have enough energy, a special attack can be used when you press the I key, which should be your finishing move to perform a K.O.! Good luck in all your boxing matches, and if you've got a taste for such battle games, check out the many other boxing online experiences we have here, all of the highest quality!


Use the s, d, e, j, k, I keys.


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