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Adventure games with Minecraft is always a good idea, so count on us being very happy that right now we got to share with everyone here a wonderful new game such as Minecraft Coin Adventure, a game where you're about to embark on an amazing journey with Minecraft Steve unlike you have ever had, so we're very happy that right now we've shared with you the game called Minecraft Coin Adventure, which we have found to be a platform-adventure game unlike you get the chance to play here very often, so get ready for the fun! The goal that you have in each level is to get the Minecraft coin to fall on top of the coins, a pile of them being put in different places on the stage. Sometimes you need to make the pile of coin move, so click on the platforms underneath them to destroy them, since some of them can be removed with a simple click. The coin with an 'M' on it will be dangling by a rope, and when you swipe on the rope you cut it down, making the coin fall. Not only do you need to get the coin fall on the golden pile, but try in each level to also make it that you grab the three stars on your way down, getting extra points because of them. Of course, each new level presents a more difficult puzzle for you to solve, but if you concentrate, we're highly positive that you will pass all of them, and by the time you end the game, your score will be very big. Good luck, and search for cut the rope games on our website and see what we've got even more such awesome games, only for you!


Use the mouse.


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