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It is always a blast to bring you new games with animals over to our website, especially if they are as interesting, cute, and fun as Cute Bunny Caring And Dressup proved to be, where you do exactly just what the title says you are going to do, which is taking good care of a cute bunny, as well as dressing up in a cute outfit, and you should consider this to be one of the best animal care games and rabbit dress up games we've ever had here. To make it easy for you all to play it, the following part of the article gives you the details on what you have to do and how! You are going to start with the caring stage. Put the bunny into the bathtub and then start the shower. You then shampoo its hair with the lotion and sponge, rinsing everything with the shower again. You then soap up the bunny and then rinse. You then put on the hair of the animal a mixture of cabbage and carrots, to condition the hair naturally. You then dry the bunny with the towel and once more using the blow-dryer. Next comes the hair salon part. Wash, rinse, dry, and then blow-dry the hair first. You then straighten it and then you use a brush to arrange it further. Cut it up with the scissors and then create the ponytail. Then comes the cooking part, which stars by boiling some carrots. You then cook them with oil, other vegetables, as well as salt. You then make a carrot and cucumber juice which you then fit the bunny, together with the already-made dish. You finally get to dress up the bunny, using the skirts, shirts, glasses, hats, scarves, and shoes from the wardrobe of the cute rabbit, which we are sure will result in a really awesome outfit. Start now, and have fun like only her is possible!


Use the mouse.


Cute Bunny Caring And Dressup Walkthrough

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