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We've seen how much you are enjoying playing TrollFace Quest Horror Games online, which is the reason why right now all of you get to play the newest addition to this wonderful series, a new and exciting interactive puzzle game online called TrollFace Quest Horror 2, where each and every one of us has had a terrific time from beginning to end, just like we expect you are going to have also, even if you are not used to playing these awesome puzzle games online. Want to know how this one works? In each level of the game, you are going to have a horror setting that is inspired by a horror movie, a television show, or even a video game or comic book, and any other media, actually. Your goal is to find the right solution to make the thing that is supposed to scare you scared. For example, on one level you would need to click on the creepy dolls in such a way that one of them starts dancing and you scare the others. A level that is inspired by the movie Psycho is going to have a woman showering. You first click on the curtain to reveal the killer holding a spoon, and then click on the showerhead. This makes the makeup of the lady be removed, and it scares the attacker since she is actually a monster. On another level you have to rotate a plant so that it gets exposed as a monster. Keep interacting with the things around until you complete the level, and use hints if you want to, but know that you only have three of them in total for all the levels. After completing a level you get rewarded with points in return. Good luck, and don't stop here, and make sure to try more of our new games, we're sure you're going to love everything we have in-store today!


Use the mouse.


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