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There's no better way to get your kids ready for a new day at preschool than by teaching them useful things with an online game, something that we give you all the chance to do right now through the world of our amazing Mickey Mouse Games, as all of you get the chance to enjoy Mickey's Shape and Make Road Trip, an adventure game and educational game at the same time, one where Mickey wants your help in making his road trip with Minnie a wonderful time and a success. How does it work? Well, to go on the trip they would first need to have a car to drive, so you need to choose the rectangle from the list of shapes, which is then transformed into the body of the car, and then you pick the color you want it to have. As you drive on the road you can change gears from one to 2, and three, and the third one means you go faster, of course. You can also use the honk by clicking on its button. As the two mice are driving on the road, all sorts of obstacles will appear, as well as missing parts of the road. That is where you come in, by choosing the right shape that is missing and completing. For example, you have a river running through the road, so you choose the two triangles and the rectangle to create a bridge and cross the water. There will be loops and other types of ramps along the way that appear, which allow you to make different stunts, and make sure to also collect mice gold coins and use them to get more interesting designs for your car. You will have to place a triangle over a hot dog to get past it or stop a flowing pipe from spurting out water by choosing the circle, which then transforms into a cover that stops the water. Enjoy your adventure with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and learn about shapes right now and here with this amazing new free game!


Use the mouse.


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